Steeped in history, Cambridge continues to be one of the most innovative cities. Revolutionary thinking forms the backdrop for the current growth in genomic research, nanotechnology and brain science. Full of diversity, culture and unique neighborhoods, the City of Cambridge is a great place to live, work and discover. Known for its eclectic mix of locally owned boutiques and stores, shopping in Cambridge is a veritable playground teeming with treasures you can’t find beyond the city’s limits. After working up an appetite in one of America’s most walkable cities, visitors have no shortage of choices to satisfy their cravings in this foodie’s paradise which is filled with talented James Beard nominees and award winning chefs. Cambridge is excited to be the world’s major biotech center with the significant expansion of industry giants. Welcoming new people and ideas keeps Cambridge true to itself—a community which celebrates its history with an eye always towards the future.

Economic Development Division
Cambridge Community Development
344 Broadway
Cambridge, MA 02139
Phone: 617-349-4637

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